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An independent and recognised player in renewable energy and storage

Founded in 2007, the NW Group is an independent and recognised player in the energy transition, and has been developing and operating renewable production sites with its subsidiary NW Energy in mainland France and overseas for the past fifteen years.

For the past 4 years, NW Joules, a major player in the field of electricity storage, and now the leader in France with its JBox® solution, has been expanding in Europe and North America.For the past 4 years, NW Joules, a major player in the field of electricity storage, and now the leader in France with its JBox® solution, has been expanding in Europe and North America.

In order to meet the challenges of the energy transition as closely as possible, since 2020, the NW Group has developed IECharge®, an ultra-fast charging solution for electric vehicles, coupled with the JBox® storage unit

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Renewable generation

50 MW

in operation to generate photovoltaic and wind energy

Renewable generation

150 MW

under construction and development for RE (renewable energy) generation



electric vehicle charging points by 2023


180 MW

deployed by the end of 2021


340 MW

deployed by the end of 2022


The energy transition is based on the development of renewable energies, an essential lever for a sustainable future, to achieve carbon neutrality.

The NW Group supports governmental and local policies participating in the increased share of green energies in the French mix and also supports the stability and functioning of the network

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Proven know-how and trustworthy relationships.

NW Energy has a long history with nearly 50MW in operation on ten sites and more than 150MW under development. The company manages all stages of renewable projects

Experience and expertise at the service of territories and the energy transition.

NW Energy develops, finances, builds and operates photovoltaic and wind power plants in mainland France and around the world.
At a time of energy transition, NW Energy is positioning itself as a committed player, proposing innovative projects for local authorities, companies and private individuals. Our experienced team ensures a high level of responsiveness and adaptability to our clients and partners.

Expertise at the service of local and regional authorities

NW Energy supervises the construction of its power plants, paying particular attention to their integration into the social and natural environment. The company manages all of the work and contributes to the creation of direct and indirect local jobs, ensuring local economic development and promoting regional energy autonomy.
NW Energy ensures the monitoring and maintenance of its production sites to guarantee the achievement of operating objectives, particularly performance and availability. NW Energy offers a cutting edge service in the management of active sites.

Many achievements

NW Energy has a long history with nearly 50MW in operation at ten sites and more than 150MW under development.

Photovoltaic power plant in La Réunion

The Mangassaye photovoltaic power plant on the island of la Réunion: commissioned in 2009, this 5.1MWp plant produces the equivalent of the annual consumption of about 1,500 households

Photovoltaic power plant with storage in Guyana

The Montjoly photovoltaic power plant in French Guiana: commissioned in 2015, this plant installed in a marshy area represents a technological feat and ensures continuous production thanks to its storage system.

Wind farm with storage in Martinique

The GRESS 2&3 power plant: planned for 2022, this 24MW plant will produce, together with the neighbouring GRESS park, the equivalent of the annual consumption of about 25% of Martinique's households.

Get involved in the energy of the future.


Electricity storage represents a major challenge at the heart of energy transition,

both in supporting the rise in consumption and in increasing the share of renewable energy in the energy mix.Balancing tools such as NW Storage’s JBox® guarantee a constant and fluid supply for the electrical network by permanently adapting electricity production to consumption.

Proven know-how and immediate benefits

NW Storage has a unique and specialized know-how, from land prospecting to the installation, development, and operation of storage units.

With its proven experience, method, and technology, in France and Europe, JBox represents a strong growth driver in the field of electricity storage.

A smart and innovative offer

JBox® is a French innovation, the result of multi-disciplinary expertise, and is the subject of several patents. Providing system services for the grid, the JBox® is considered an essential asset in the strategic sector of electricity storage.

Compact and recyclable, the JBox® is easily integrated into the landscape, taking into consideration environmental impacts.

A solid base and committed expansion

Benefiting from its multiple locations in France, NW Storage continues to expand in Europe and North America. Already active in Italy and the United States, projects have been launched in more than 7 countries.

With the JBox®, enter the new era of electricity storage


IECharge, the first ultra-fast charging hub directly connected to a storage solution.

The vehicle is fully recharged via the storage unit, preserving the electrical grid during high-power charging.

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Ultra-fast charging available to all

Accessible to all vehicles,
regardless of their charging mode.

Accessible to all users,,
regardless of their usual charging network.

The 4 high-powered charging points can charge up to 300 kilometres of range in ten minutes.

On a domestic 3.7KW socket, a 300km charge takes 21 hours.

1 very high power charge point up to 320kW

10 minutes

= 300 km range

1 fast charge point at 56kW

60 minutes

= 300 km range

2 high power charge points at 160kW

20 minutes

= 300 km range

1 normal charge point at 22kW

60 minutes

= 130 km range

Rapid deployment
in the territories.

150 IECharge® installed
between September 2021 and September 2023.

By setting up its stations on the departmental network in peri-urban and rural areas, the IECharge network is helping to create genuine electric mobility corridors for the benefit of the territories.

  • 75 IECharge® installed in 2021 - 2022
  • 75 IECharge® installed in 2022 - 2023

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